Sunday, December 11, 2005

Re-Adoption Day!

It is recommended for us to Re-Adopt Simone here in the United States of America. Even though we adopted her in China and the USA recognizes that we needed to do this so it is recorded in their system and for us to obtain a US Birth Certificate.

There are interesting people at the court house! While we were waiting the kids were having a KICK out of the kick plate on the door to the Judges chambers.

Simones buddies, from the left: Reagon, Emma, Simone, Cooper and Nixon.

We had the court room all to our selves. Simone decided that she did not want to be infront of the judge and started to fuss. So we let her sit back and play in the seats.

We also had fun taking pictures out side. A couple of air planes went over and my Mom set the camera on automatic timer. So funny!

What a good day. The last thing to do for Simones adoption! Their is no more on the to-do-list! Now we are into the next babies to-do-list. We even went next door to the sheriffs Building to get our back ground clearance for our next daughter. Wow, that sounds amazing!

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