Sunday, May 18, 2008

Simones Ant Farm!!!

Kimi and Chris gave Simone an ant farm for Christmas. So we sent away for the Ants.....We ordered the ants around January 1st.........They did not come arrive until April 28th, 2008....I guess because of the bad winter we had they could not mail them until it was warmer?!?!?

Kimi just happened to be coming over to check out Simone in her flower girl dress for her wedding. Kimi helped Simone get the farm started.

Simone was SO EXCITED about her Ant FARM! That night Simone and her Daddy put the Ant's upstairs in the laundry room because they had to spend the first night in a very dark spot.

The next morning Simone awoke early and was so excited. She ran to see her ANTS!! You would of thought it was Christmas or some thing.

We HIGHLY recommend this gift for any bug lover. It is from National Geographic.

Simone watching Kimi put the ants in their home.

Kimi put three small starter holes for the ants and from there they will "DIG", like Simone says.......Simone putting the roof on their house.

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The Ullom Family -- said...

Can you post an updated picture of the ant farm? I'd love to see what they've done :)