Friday, December 02, 2005

Seventh Ear Infection Still Lingering....

We went back to the doctors last night. Simone now has an ear infection in her left ear.

Her seventh ear infection started on November 14th. We went back in to the doctors because she was still not better by day number 10. Still an ear infection so we got a new medicine for her. We went back in last night and the doctor checked her left ear first. There is an ear infection in there now. He did not check her right ear because she gets so stressed at the doctors office and crys. He said she needs medicine anyways and because we are going to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist on Tuesday he did not want to upset her any more. Sounds good to me.

She slept a little better last night. We hope this third medicine works. We will keep you informed on what the doctor says on Tuesday. We just can't wait for her to feel better!!!
Even though she has been so sick she still keeps us on our toes.........Just like these photos show.

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