Tuesday, January 17, 2006

8 Girls & a Motor Home

We had a fun, short visit to the beach this weekend.

One of the highlights was that I got a chance to go out with my girlfriends. First we all met at Camis beautiful new house. (Cami, Rachel, Carrie, Bethanie, Wendy, Windy, Jen, Marci and I.)

Later we went out to Nicks but it was not happening so we went to the Crab Pot which was nice but then ended up at the Lamp Lighter. We had a fun time playing pool, listening to music and watching people do Kareoky.

There these two guys were asking me where we were from so I said California. Then they wanted to know where from so I then said LA. (Yah, right)

Then I proceeded to think they would be finished but kept asking questions. They wanted to know how we all got here?? I told them we all came in a Motor Home!! Everyone that knew what I was telling them was laughing.

So later one guy sang a song and had a part in it about us, "The Girls from LA who drove up in a Motor Home." It was so funny. He sang it to the tune of Hello Mother, Hello Father. So for the night we were known as the Girls from LA........Gives me an idea for the next Girls Night.......a trip in a Motor Home ??

Good times.

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