Sunday, January 01, 2006

Diaper Be Gone

Friday evening when we were playing with Simone I noticed that her diaper area felt a little different but did not think about it any more. Then Rick picked up Simone and said she is all wet. Then he said that she has no diaper on her, smiling.

We both laughed. I said laughing that you forgot to put the diaper back on her when you changed her last.....

He said No but I do remember picking up a diaper off of the floor a while ago thinking it was the play diaper! I then said that I remembered seeing that diaper too. We both are laughing......Simone is wet because she has no DIAPER on.

Mind you she was wearing overalls from Aunt Andrea & Uncle Jason.....So getting the diaper off must of been a chore but she also had to do it pretty fast because we did not see her take it off.....These pictures document this funny occasion.

Love MOMENTS like this. Too funny!

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