Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Hay Fat Choy

That means
Happy New Year!
The Chinese New Year starts
today through February 12th!
I had to include these pictures of Simone running around the house. They are a little dark and blurry but you will get the idea, I could not resist.
Simone loves to run and
run in circles. It is too funny.
She is pretty darn fast, kinda like Mommy in the good old days and jumps a mean jump like Auntie Wendy! I try to tell Simone that is she likes to jump into dirt then Auntie Wendy can teach her or if she would like to jump into a soft pit then Mommy can teach her (the pit also comes in handy when the coaches are not paying attention so you can lounge on it and get a tan ;O) Did you know that Auntie Becca and Mommy both did that! No, not them bending the rules.........OR maybe she will run long distance like Auntie Rachel did?? Maybe she will be like Auntie Bethanie and run the Hood to Coast???
I think Simone will have her own dreams but for now it is fun to wonder what kind of activities she will enjoy?? Who knows she might even prefer softball/baseball like Daddy????
When I say, "ready set" Simone will yell, "JUMP".
I sense a future track star :O)

When she runs she holds her
hands up and out to the side while her feet go pitter patter. Head up when running straight unless there is a toy on the floor then she stares at it while she passes by and is safe unless there is another toy in her path. Head down looking at the floor when she runs in circles. Pretty good form for a 21 month year old. Fun to watch.

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