Thursday, February 23, 2006

2 for 3

1. Today I took Simone back to her Ear Doctor. Basically he did not tell me what I wanted to hear. I was wishing he said, her ears look great! But instead he said, Yes her last ear infection last month was not normal to have that close to having tubes put in. She has crusty stuff and to much wax in there now as we speak. Simone had a tuff time when he was checking her ears and therefore could not do a complete exam due to her fussyness and the ear wax and crusty stuff that he could not remove.........

So much more but in a nut shell we will just watch her closely and hope that her ears clear up on her own, if she can't handle the pain or crusty stuff comes out side of the ear then they will try medicine again but we will try not to because she has had so much of it. It was a bummer that he could not remove the ear wax but we are very sensitive to the fact that Simone is getting tiered of being "checked out" by doctors. I feel so bad for her because all I want is for her to feel better and be done with this stuff.

2. On a lighter note my brother has been calling me updating me on his search for tickets to come out for Simones 2nd Birthday!! Jason and Andrea have been looking for good tickets, I hope it works.

3. We went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Rachel W. It was fun and she was surprised. It was fun to watch Simone when we all sang happy birthday to her, I just wish we could understand what she was thinking. Simone had fun playing with her son Holt and all of his cool toys.

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