Saturday, February 11, 2006

Grandma Prater Visits

My Mom came up this weekend to visit. What a relief because Simone has been sick again with the Croupe and a fever. We also got to see green snot! Yucky. Only a week and a half after she got over the last ear infection.

We also learned that a steamy bathroom will help with a croupy cough and even the cold air out side will help. I also talked to my friend Rachel W. and she shared with me a story about Milk. So we decided not to give Simone any more milk during this "cold" spell because Thursday night she puked up curdled Milk. I have noticed a huge difference now that we have not been giving her Milk. I also think when she has a fever she does better with out it!!! We are hoping that this spring will bring us no more crud!

It is always good to see my Mom. She helps us get caught up on dishes, laundry and sleep! What would I do with out my Mom.

We also had time to put together our new computer desk. (Thanks to Lisa and Craig for picking it up at IKA for us!!!!) Wow, it's about time. Our old one is a hand me down from Scott and Becca. It is now going to be donated to the shelter.

These pictures are from a walk out side around our neighbor hood. Simone is feeling much better!! She wanted to take her wagon and baby with her. The baby started out in the wagon and then she carried it the whole way. Just before we got back to the house the baby went back into the wagon. She is so into her babys and Elmo! She always asks for her baby (she has two favorites) and Elmo.

It is so fun to watch Simone look at every thing out side. Some of the neighborhood boys have these play pellet guns and when she would find the pellets she would squat down and stare at them upside down. So funny. Needless to say the walk was enjoyable.

Well see how she sleeps tonight!


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