Sunday, February 19, 2006

Peyton and Jen Visit

Simone and Jen.

Simone and Peyton.

Simone, Daddy and Emma waiting for dinner to be ready. Must be watching Elmo?

Peyton and Sara comparing baby food!

Apples for an appetizer. Emma loves to take care of Simone. Here she is feeding her ever so carefully as Sara

watches on......All of a sudden Sara had an apple, oop's....wonder how she got that?

Look closely at the last photo. Simone has on two different socks because she always takes hers off and it is hard to find the matching pair. She also likes to take them off and put the socks on her hands like you would do a puppet. It is so funny. I have to get a picture of it soon.

Apples are dropping on the couch, we cant have that. First one that finds them will gets a prize.

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