Friday, February 24, 2006

Welcome To The Jungle

Today was is the start of one of the busiest weeks for me during the school year. Today was the day after school that we set up and decorated for the Jungle. (Fitness obstacle course.)
Rick had a basketball game so he was not able to make it so Becca picked up Simone and brought her, Emma and Sara. We also had a two hour late start because of ice this morning.
It was Sara and Simones first visit to the jungle. For their first time they had did just fine handling things and had so much fun.
I was very lucky to have many teacher friends, parent volunteers and students that came to help!!!! Here are a few pictures.
I can't wait to bring The Blakes and The Sautters. They will love it.
I think that the Jungle is probably one of the top three things for me students to do in PE!

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