Monday, March 06, 2006


Jason and Grandma. This picture says it all! Grandma was always gaving us hugs and kisses. When we say hello and when we say good by. This is why I love to take pictures. It is so sweet and we love her so MUCH. It is hard to pick what pictures to put on the blog. I can stay here all day remembering Grandma but it would never do her justice. She was one special lady and taught us all so much!! I am so glad that she had my Mom and raised her like she did. She was always there for us when I was growing up. It was hard after we moved from Chicago but she never let the distance stand between us. I am glad she taught us unconditional love. It helps now that my Brother, Dad, Brynn and Julie live so far away. I try to keep it touch even though it is hard some times but I try to remember to try even harder because it is important. Grandma was so smart too. She always loved Rick and knew that when we were dating that if we stayed together I would have such a great husband. Grandmas know best! In LOVING MEMORY OF GRANDMA SMITH. Posted by Picasa

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