Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Flowers

This picture was taken during spring vacation at my inlaws house.

We had a nice Easter today. Simone is doing so much better in her crib. We are down to around only 5 minutes or so of crying. It is SO hard to hear her cry but well worth the heart ache.

My Dad called me today to tell us that 60 minutes had a special about China and Chinese Adoption. We did not get to see all of it but we are hoping that they will sell the DVD of it like Lisa Ling did??? We feel that it is important to gather all current broad casts of anything like this for Simone to have when she is older. Maybe it will help her understand.

Simone had her 2 year check up on Friday. She is doing great. The doctor was very happy and could not believe how long she is. She is in the 50% tile. She is 23 lbs. He is happy to see that she did not lose any weight due to not having her bottle any more and we hardly give her any milk at all. She recieves her vitamins and calcium from other items. WHo knows....maybe that is why she is doing so good??

Rick also picked up two pottie chairs. One for down stairs and one for Simones bathroom. She is so interested. I think she is more ready than we are. She loves to use a lot of TP, just like her Great Grandma Scott and Aunti Brynn, Ha-ha.
I purchased two shirt dresses today so she can have easy access to the potty when needed. She would sit on that thing all day if she could. Now if we can just get her to actually go on it. She tells use she wants to use the potty just after she goes or just before she goes.

What a great day we had today. Just the three of us but that is ok. Life is a blessing.
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