Friday, April 28, 2006

Shangrao Sisters

(Nadine, Lian and Bill)

Hey...remember this day?
One year ago, so far away---
A beautiful baby was placed in our arms,
Too frightened at first to show us her charms.

It was love at first sight, at least on our part
A bit slower for her, we had to earn her heart.
The first smile, the first giggle, the first smoochy wet kiss
Were milestones, and miracles, and only added to bliss.

And look at her now---running, laughing, and wild,
No longer without family, but a very loved child.
How far she has come, how much she has grown
A life without her? No, she's completely my own!!

We gained a daughter that day, and also good friends,
The "Shangrao sisters" united, from now 'til the end...
And so we remember, one year from today
And wish to you all--- the HAPPIEST GOTCHA DAY!!

This Poem was sent to us by Nadine, Lians Mom. It gave me goose bumps and made me cry happy tears. She has such a way with words. I hope you enjoy it too!

When we went to China we had the pleasure of meeting two amazing families......The Halperns and The Coxs. The experience that we shared was so memerable. We were so lucky to have such a nice small group. Even though we just met each other we will be friends forever!

Pictures of Lily and Lian, Simone's Shangrao Sisters. (I am having trouble posting Lilys so I will work on it tonight.)

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