Thursday, April 27, 2006

To The Three of US

Wow, it has already been one year since our first day as a family. What a great year we have had. As I look back I can't believe how blessed we have been. We waited 4.8 years for our little baby girl and it was worth every minute!

She takes my breath away and I treasure every laugh, hug, kiss, smile, word, step she takes. Every day we have together. We love Simone so much!

Today I also think of her birthmother, wondering if she is ok?, so thankful for the choice she made: life.......

I also think of our amazing trip to China. What priceless memories!

Our lives were forever changed one year ago when we were praying to be parents, praying for a blessing, praying for a safe journey.

I will never forget the first time I held my daugher in my arms, one of the best days of my life :O)

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