Monday, May 22, 2006


This weekend we helped rented one of my friends beach house for Mikes Suprise Birthday Weekend. On Friday night we had a few friends help us suprise him!!

I did not crop this photo because the story goes like this. Windy along with her Mom and Dad were in charge of bringing Mike to the house for the weekend. Carol told him that she had to go take photos for work of this house. They took the elevator up to the third floor and we all yelled suprise and turned the lights on! It was the best suprise that I have ever been to.

In this photo you can see Dees hands turning on the light and Mikes hand on the master bedroom door......what was he doing?? Going to jump out a window??? He said that at first he thought the owners were home and he wanted to RUN. Funny.

Anyways, we all visited for a little while and then we had a birthday BBQ on Saturday along with a bonfire on the beach around 6 and then poker later.

Windy did such a GREAT job planning a fun weekend. It was also so good to see everyone!

The house we stayed in was AMAZING!! What a great view. Some of the photos will show that.

Happy 40th MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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