Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Prune Hill Dance Team

Today I, along with 12 other coaches and six parents, took our Prune Hill Dance Team to be in the Jr. Portland Rose Parade!!!!!!!!!

They did AMAZING!!!!!!! I am so proud of them. We had to wait a lot longer than usual this year to get started because there were so many groups a head of us but it was worth the wait. Just as we turned the corner to start the parade I got the same goose bumps and teary eyed self I did last time!! Along the parade you could see the "people in all white", I think they are called the Rosarians??? Well they look pretty important.

Half way through the one mile route we saw a sign that said, "judges one block ahead." Boy did the kids straighten out their lines, it was so funny!!

They say we might be on TV on Friday, channel 23 at 6pm!! I will tape it.

Our team has worked so hard all year and this is such a great activity to end on!

My batteries are low on my camera so I will post a few pictures tomorrow.

(This photo is from Scott, he took it at the Woodland Tulip Festival in April.) Posted by Picasa

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