Monday, June 12, 2006

We have our LID!!

Today we found out that our Dossier was logged in on May 30th!! WOW. Our Dossier arrived in China at the CCAA on May 29th and was logged in the very next day. That is good news. Our agency said is as fast as they see it. We were ready for a six week wait so that is happy news!

So what does this mean???
We can start the official count down.....
18-24 months until we see our next daughter!! All in Gods time.

Good news for us since Simone and I are both sick. I took Simone in today and they gave her antibiodics. (we hope this works!) We are looking into getting her tested for allergies but we will wait until school is out or a little bit older. Well see, well have to keep you all posted on that.
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