Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday To ME!

Simone, My Mom, Lauren, Me and Rachel.
Another great year. 32, can't believe it!!
My Mom came up to visit for
a couple of days so we had fun with her.
The morning of my birthday Becca brought me my favorite drink from Starbucks, Carmel Apple Cider. Later that evening the Sautters came over for dinner and Rachel made me a very yummy birthday cake....little things.....I am one lucky girl....My husband and daughter are the best!
My mother and father inlaw mailed me some great scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies!! Yah, hew!!
My brother and Dad called very early to be the "First one " to wish my happy birthday.....little things......My friend Windy called and sang happy birthday to me.....Funny, in a good much more but just the little meaningful things that make a big dif!
Rachel got me this cute bag that I wanted to get myself from Old Navy with a matching shirt outfit.....I wanted to purchase it for myself the day before when Simone, My Mom and I were at the mall but I did not......When I opened the gift I was laughing silly, Mike and Rick think I bought it for my self and wrapped it but I DID NOT! So funny!! I have to say though, they know us all too well.
Simone and Lauren helped me blow out the candles two times before they finished my happy birthday song. It was so funny.
Simone was saying to me,
"Happy Birthday" a couple times that evening....
As I get older I just relish in the simple stuff, remembering, little things, enjoying the ride.


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