Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loving Memory

I wanted to do a post for two amazing women but it has taken me a couple of days because I want to make it good.....But how can I???

Two of our friends passed away this month.

Jackie. We meet Jackie through our good friends Scott and Becca, their Aunt. She would always come up for their family gatherings. After a couple of visits with her I remembered that I knew her when I was a little girl. My Mom and Step Dad use to hang out with her!! Small world. Anyways, Jackie is so sweet. She made a huge impact on our life when she was our Hospice Nurse for my Grandma a little over a year ago. She helped us through a very difficult time and made such a huge impact on our hearts!! We will miss not seeing you again!

Grandma Carol. Carol is the Grandma to our good friends Cami and Chris. I first met Grandma Carol when I was in Elementary School. Even after I moved away from the beach she still remembered me! Just like a Grandma, always remembering you!! As I think back Carol always remembered me. My College graduation, my bridal shower, my baby shower, etc. She was so thoughtful. One of my favorite memories is that she would send Cami and I to the post office to drop off her mail. She would give us a treat and/or a snack when we got arrived back. I also remember her big house by the ocean. Wow, it had so many cool rooms with great furniture and one room that had a couple of beds in it. Cami and I would jump from bed to bed......Did she know we did that??? Oh, that smile she had, it would melt your heart! So loveable.

As I reflect I think to myself. How lucky we are to have best friends!! When you are such good friends with people you get to know their family members. We feel like they are a part of our family too. Having friendships that last years is a blessing!

Our lives have been touch by two memorable women and we treasure the time we did get to see each other even though it was not very often.

Cheers to these two: Jackie and Carol!
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