Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sun Girl

Simone stayed in the kiddy pool the first day at Kah-Nee-Ta but the second day she let me put her in her float in the big pool. Towards the middle of that day she went down the little kiddy slide. You can just see it off to the left of the big slide. I could not believe it , she was just READY! She loved it.
The boys went golfing ALL DAY and had a great time. I think they did 27 wholes?? They should be champs by now. Cami purchased this cool golf trainer club for Chris's bday. We all had fun testing it out. Just at the bottom of the driver the shaft is almost cut in half. If you swing correctly the club will stay in tact but if you do not it will 'fall' apart. Very cool, it makes you think about your swing. I did it after a couple of swings but stopped after the sucsess. I want one of those :O)

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