Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Fun at the Beach

Simone loved the dune grass because she could pretend that she was writing in the sand.
Look at those toes! Now that she does not have her diaper any more her pants look like they are always going to fall off......oh yah, Simone is officially POTTY TRAINED. It started August 29th but when we went to day care the first week of school she regressed a little with the new change and pooped in her unders a couple of times but at the end of last week and this week she is doing great! Can't believe it!! She still has a pullup for naps and a diaper for night time.

Jake is so sweet. Just chilling in the stoller..

Sweet Lauren, Emma and Simone. They were running around the Boey like three silly girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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