Thursday, October 19, 2006

Go out to Dinner

Yesterday I had a very good visit with one of my best friends Rachel. ....Rachel had a great idea.....Lets go out to dinner so off we went, Simone, Rachel, Lauren, Jake and I. Chips all over the floor, Simones Monkey in the beans, Lauren saying PEPPER and sprinkling it all over the place, Pepper and Salt go away, Simone spots the Pepper, Jake having fun with more chips, Simone finally spitting out her first piece of gum, more chips all over the ground, the guy took Simones plate away before she was finished, more chips, ice from the water......Little moments, gotta love them.

Just when work seems so hard, laundry to fold, bills to pay, time needed to work out (still have not made the time), there is nothing better to lighten my day then being a Mom, having a great husband, family, friends and having Simone around to remind me what is important. Posted by Picasa

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