Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our Big DAY!

Brit, Sophi and I decided a very long time ago during lunch that we would grow our hair out and then donate to locks of love. When we first made this plan we had around 9 other girls who were going to do it with us......Then it was five of us and then four and Today it ended up being only the three of us but that is ok because we understand how hard it is to cut your long hair. So during our lunches together we would talk about when we would do it....We finally decided on this month, after school photos ofcourse.

What a fun day we had!

Brit and Sophi are former students and PE helpers of of mine. I miss them so much!! I also miss their sisters Brianna and Alexa too! Well we won't talk about that. What great girls that come from great families.

Now Rick has the pleasure of being Brianna and Alexas teacher. Lucky Boy.

We DID IT GIRLS!! Yah-hew!!!
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