Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Snow

Simone making her first snow angel!! We JUST talked about this yesterday when she was on the kitchen floor.....I was teaching her how to do snow angels and then it SNOWS!!! How cool!
Emma making sure Simone does not slip. I was at my friends Lisas house for a quick visit to show her my brothers family Christmas gift when it was snowing....After a little visit we went home and I thought why not try to get Becca to take our Christmas card photo....We did but I can't post it yet, just in case we use it.....The snow came just when we needed a little fun....We are expecting my Dad and Lena this weekend for a very nice visit so we have been getting ready. I am so excited because it will be the first time my step Mom sees Simone!! Good times.
Notice the Christmas lights that Rick put up on the house.....Simone loves "Her lights".
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