Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our Little Girl

Our little Girl loves to twirl, dance, smile, love and play dress up. Rick and I both adore her!

Every day together is such a blessing. We had so much fun today since we did not have to go to work. We played around, played in the snow, went over to the Watsons for Hot Chocolate and snacks, played some more and then made a trip to Target. You know we have to keep with our tradition of going to Target when it snows :O)

Simones favorite things to say are, "How are you doing?" When she wakes up in the morning she says, "Wheres Daddy?" because he goes to work before she wakes up some times. "I need to go see the doctor" is what she says when she has a little boo-boo or none at all. She still tells us her Poop looks like seals, it is so funny!

The other day when she was looking at our photos on the wall from all of the Christmas cards she recognized, pointed and said "LILLY" her friend from Shangrao. I could not believe it because the last time she saw her was in June at her home in Seattle.

Simone can recognize the letters S, O, M and I. Write the letters S and O. She can say all of the letter sounds thanks to Leap Frog's Letter Factory and she loves to sing songs. The other day in Chinese class she counted with the teacher to 21 in Chinese and sings 5 songs in Chinese now, by heart. When did all of this happen??

She still LOVES the color PINK.....she even prefers her underware to be PINK. She is a girl who knows what she likes.

We are so happy and in love with our little girl. We love her so much!
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