Sunday, February 11, 2007

MY Hair Cut!

Here is a photo of Simone and I messing around with the camera last week after I got my hair cut. I

t is SO short!! The shortest I think it ever has been. I do miss my long hair!!

I miss not having a big pony tail, so I think I will grow it out until Sophie arrives, maybe do locks of love again....but I am not sure.

It is fun to have my hair a little shorter and since I am not highlighting it any more it is so easy to straighten with the help of products, a blow dryer and a curling iron. It is fun to have hair tht is a little sassy....

But let me tell you, today when I did not wash my hair it looked, not so good.....There is nothing like having long hair and putting it back in a pony tail and going to the mall....Can't do that with short hair although I like the fact that it is easier for Simone to play with....It is a fun change for a while....but lets say I am looking forward for a little "GROW OUT" :O

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