Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Year of The PIG!

What a whirl wind since we returned from our trip from Chicago last week!
Simone ended up sick, I had a PE seminar late Friday night and all day Saturday, but our highlight was that we attended the Chinese New Years Celebration. Simone and her class, along with another one performed three songs with a little dance. She did such a great job!! (Thanks to her new DVD, dancing and singing with Mei Mei.) We had a great time at the party. There were around 967 people there and we can't believe that Simone got up in front of all of those people!?!!!
Rick also broke his baby toe! It looks worse every day. You know him, never complaining only hobbling around. He did it Saturday when I was gone which made for a long day.
Then to top it all off, some time after we came home from Chicago a Rat was in my Honda and chewed on Simones CAR SEAT!! Not just the padding but the all important belt!! Yes, rat turds and frayed fabric as evidence!! Lesson learned, clean the car more often!!

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Kimi said...

thats quite a week! that top picture of simone is adorable