Friday, April 27, 2007

Gotcha Day - Our Family Day - 2 Years Ago!

Us at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China. It was taken 13 days after we received Simone, May 8th, the day before my first Mothers Day!

Our little girl turns 3!

Day three together. Simone was very very sad, grieving her family and nannies at the orphanage. These photos were actually taken on the way to visit the Orphanage on our third day together. Rick finally got her to smile (with the help of a tootsie pop) and we sighed a sense of relief because she was showing signs of grief. She showed this by not talking much, no positive non-verbal communication. Her favorite thing to do was sleep and suck on her bottom lip. We happily just held her and held her.

Ricks first time to hold Simone.

The first time I held Simone.

Adoption paper work.

The day we waited for for almost five years had finally come! What a blessing!!! A day we will never forget!

You can click on some of these photos to enlarge them. Today when Rick went down stairs there was water ALL over the bathroom floor, into the TV room, Simone's play room and the front room! Not just a little bit but a pile. We are so glad that my Mom is with us staying for the weekend because Simone and her stayed home today and used our steam vac to suck all of the water up. So we just now have to find out how that happened?? I guess that these things happen to remind us that "stuff happens".....who knows??
Update on Simones Ears. The doctors visit went so well! Her tubes were sitting in a lot of ear wax so he pulled them out. Simone did not mind and it was so cool that the way she was sitting she could see her doctor in the mirror in front of her while he was working. No crying, no tears!!The doctor even liked the bugs she brought in for him to see ;O)
Anyways we are so happy and loving life.

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