Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Take Time To Smell the Tulips

As most of you know the end of the school year is a busy one for Rick and I at work. Trying to get every thing that we want to teach our students by the end of the year and not to mention all of the fun end of the year events that go along with the school year coming to an end.
We both are working on earning 7 more credits before August so we move up to the MA + 45 level. I and almost done with my second class and have five credits to go and Rick has 7 so that has been a lot of work too. I am thinking that I might take two weeks to finish mine during the summer because it is getting hard to do this while working full time.
Tomorrow I take Simone in to have her ear tubes taken out, atleast thats what we are hoping they do and not just consult. I am obviously am up late tonight because I can't sleep, wondering about how tomorrow will go. Last July when we went to the ENT Specialist for an
other re-check........Simone cryied so hard that her face and arms broke out with little red
dot's from being so upset. I just pray that tomorrow goes smoothly and that the doctor has
patience AND that those little buggers come right out along with the wax in there.
Rick fixed our laundry room and painted it this weekend so I took out all of my scrabooking stuff and other STUFF!!!!! Time to simplify!!! Organize!! Thanks to Scott we got our new washer and dryers going and stacked on top of each other, it makes that room so much bigger. Rick fixed our dryer cord so it reaches the plug in, always some thing.
So we are just trying to take the time to Smell the Tulips.....Take each day at a time. Be thankful for our family and our little girl. Try to not over commit.....
This Friday is our "Gotcha Day".....Can't believe it has been two years but at the same time it feels like Simone has been here forever. We are so blessed.
These photos were color spotted by Kimi. It takes a while to do these and we love the results. She is so talented.

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