Monday, June 25, 2007

Lew and Ice Cream Van!!!

This afternoon as Simone takes a nap in her "big girl" bed just like the kids do in the Chinese DVD that Auntie Andrea and Uncle Jason gave her for her birthday. As she sleeps peacefully the ICE CREAM VAN drives by.....Lew, our dog, starts to howl like crazy or I guess you can say that he is singing along with the Ice Cream Music which is coming from the Ice Cream Van. Not a single peep from Simone! As I wait for her to wake up crying...nothing, she sleeps through it. I hope the other children in the neighborhood can do the same :")

Sorry everyone for our Singing Dog! What is funny is while growing up our dogs did that but they were taught to sing. We NEVER taught Lew to do that!!!

As I look at this picture it reminds me to purchase another sheet set for the mattress. As I changed it yesterday it took for ever because it was too small. We have one good sheet and one that is too small. It messes up the whole bed when I change it. This photo also reminds me of how fast Simone is growing up. You can see her feet touch the end of the mattress, not much room left. We have been talking a lot about how when her little Sister Sophie comes home from China they will share this room together.......we all patiently wait.

Today we went to spend the morning with Fan, who is a student of mine. We had such a fun time with Fan, her Mom and her brother. After an hour we went to the Library where they have Chinese Story Time. Fan and her family joined us too. We also had such a blast meeting up with our friends from our local Panda Group (Mom's that have also adopted from China.) It has been way too long since we have seen them!!! I will try to bring my camera next time.
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