Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cotton Wedding

Here is a picture of the best man making his toast. The Matron of Honors Toast brought tears to my eyes, it was so sweet and you can tell that they are such good friends. The photos that I took are such poor quality because I shot them from my seat....They did some thing very cool, they had a little card that had information about how to view their photos on line so I did not feel like I really even needed to take very many photos, plus I just got done shooting a wedding last weekend, I was not in "the Mood", I just wanted to have fun and enjoy my self!!!!!!! So that we did. We had such a good time and the ordure's and dinner was great! Every thing was sweet.

Very cool cake with their initials on it.

Simone enjoying her sucker during the ceremony. Wondering why Holty's Mommy is up there with out him?
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