Friday, July 20, 2007

Finished Products

We were all happy with our finished products and can't wait to see them after they are fired.

Simone put the details on two of the four plates. I love this photo because it shows so much about her. Look at the table. There is one cookie that she split apart and eat the middle out of. She does that with crackers too, anything that has a middle. She throws away the outside when finished. She also has her "money" on the table. She is saving for her trip to "China." I also love her attention to detail. She loves to paint and create. I just love every thing about Simone!!!!!!!!!

The best home made pie maker in the world!!!!! Windy made us a fresh Strawberry Pie and a Raspberry/Blackberry Pie. YUMMY! Mike and Windy also made us the best dinner. Their stake was seasoned so well!!!!!!!!!

Simone helping Mommy dry the serving plate. See the cooking in her hand :O)
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Jewels of My Heart said...

What fun you must have had.... Great work girls!