Saturday, August 04, 2007


Today Kimi and Chris came over for dinner and to hang out. Kimi brought this sunflower over from the Farmers Market so she could take a few photos of Simone. I had to catch just a couple on my camera but check out her blog to see more. She has a couple of amazing shots (See link on Side bar or click on the tittle of this blog entry and it will link you there)!

Something happened today after dinner that I wanted to share with everyone and it has to do with a little candle. After dinner we were just sitting around, Rick, Chris, Kimi, Simone and I when my little newspaper add caught on fire!! I did not even notice. Kimi yelled, "Michele Fire!" I tried to blow on it but it was spreading too fast it would not let me!!! That little Crafters Warehouse Add just kept burning as I ran to the sink. It was crazy at how fast it spread and scary. I dropped some of it on the floor on the way over so Chris put that out. Anyways just be CAREFUL with Candles!!!!!!!

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