Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of Pre School

Simone went to her first day of preschool TODAY!

As I held her hand we walked into her new classroom and I noticed her name on her cubby. It just gave me goose bumps because it made me realize that this is real, she is really going to preschool. After we put her stuff in her cubby Simone went to one of the centers and started right in talking and playing.

She was a little concerned that the teachers that she met at open house were not there??? We forgot to prep her on the before school coverage teachers.....It did not take her long to get over that. After a few minutes one of her teachers that she met from open house came in so that made her feel better.

When it was time for me to get ready to go I told her "five more minutes" and Simone replied, "Mommy 13 more minutes!" So I said OK....I waited and then we did that again. On the third time she gave me the biggest hug and let me go, with out any tears and I was relieved but surprised because she has been informing me that when she goes to preschool "she will Cry when you drop me off!" She is ready, maybe more than I was.

Everyone at her school is so nice, warm and friendly. The classroom is so colorful and filled with many fun things to explore.

Simone came home after her first day singing, "Stop what your doing and everyone clean up, clean up" and "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round." I just melted listening to her. She also taught us how the teacher told her to sit criss cross apple sauce. One of her teachers told Rick that she is a "kick" and another teacher told us that she warmed right up after a little while.

We are so excited for her school year.......

Today Simone started her day at the same school that she may graduate high school from.........

Simone is so excited to have her "own" school and that Daddy and Mommy each have their "own" school. What a big day in our house. Rick and I are so excited for her new adventure. Let the learning and fun times begin.

Enjoy each and every moment "Little Paper Maker!" because these will be some of the best times.

I taped two wallet size photos together of our family so Simone could put them in her pocket on the first day of school, just in case if she got sad she could look at them to cheer her up. Ah, what a day!

As my sweet friend Andrea said, "These are the days that you live for!"

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Jewels of My Heart said...

She is so beautiful and her face is just radient.... how sweet, she is so excited!