Monday, October 08, 2007

Cousin Shanna and Marks Wedding

These photos were taken from my Mom's camera. This was the view of my cousins weeding, from the place that we had breakfast. My cousins wedding was on September 28th, the same day as our Grandmothers birthday, so it was a very special day. This photo does not give the view justise. The wedding was held in Idaho. What a beautiful place that is.

Simone and I enjoying the party.

Us going for a walk.

This is where we were going to take a photo but......I almost fell down the cliff, which is located directly behind me. My Uncle who is sitting on the log to the left of the photo was scooting down to take a picture with Simone and I. My Mom and Rick were standing behind the photo. As soon as I sat down by Simone the log moved from under me and I started to fall backwards and over the cliff......this still happens over and over in my mind and this is why I am usually so cautouse. (You see that I have my hand right behind Simone and that is because of the cliff right behind us.) Luckily my Uncle had me by the ankle and a tree stump temorarily stopped by fall. My lucky day because the drop off was around 30 - 60 feet down. Simone was crying and I was feeling blessed that it was not worse. My side was all brusied from hitting the stump and we were ALL a little shooken up. So afterwords my Mom says, "Thats why we don't take pictures by cliffs!" Lesson learned.

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