Thursday, November 29, 2007

Figured Out How To Do

I figured out how to do the picture collages from Picasa. I have only been able to do the 9 squared one....if you want a specific numbered of squares then you have to use the tool bar on the top after you have selected/put a hold on your photos. Just wanted to share with those of you that have been wondering how to do that. You can print these too.

The bad thing about this program is that you can not manipulate the photos and it will cut off heads. It also looks blurry on the program but comes out fine when you blog it.

If you do not have Picasa and would like to use the program the icon is the colored square at the bottom of this post. I usually post to my blog from Picasa because it is much faster that way.

I have seen this on many blogs but I JUST learned how to do it...So yes, you might see a lot of these now, at least for a while :O)

(Here are a few more photos of our friends Sue and Matthew.)

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Christopher said...

great shots michele!