Sunday, December 23, 2007

Circled Pretzels

One of our favorite traditions is making circled pretzels. Simone's job is to find all of the broken pretzels and then put the M&M's on top of the melted almond bark. Simone's interpretation of the job is to put the M&M's on her lips because Mommy said that "she can only eat the ones that she puts on her lips."

As we made these together I just stop and thank God for how lucky I am to even do this with our DAUGHTER! How much fun we are having together this holiday season.

These circled pretzels are hard to find. Every year my Mom goes back to Chicago for Thanksgiving or Christmas and then brings them back for us. They are purchased from the Jewell (a store like Safeway or Fred Meyers.) I can not find them locally.

So this year my sister in law Andrea purchased these at the Jewell for us and sent them home via my Mom. Thanks to Jason and Andrea for making room for the pretzels :")
It was well worth it as they are one of our favorite holiday snacks.

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The Ullom Family -- said...

We do the same thing but I use those square waffle pretzels. We put a hershey's kiss (any flavor, we love the candy cane ones!) on top, then put in oven for about 3 minutes til they are soft and squish the m&m down. It's easier than messing with that almond bark. And YUM! :) :)