Monday, December 03, 2007

Simones First Hair Cut

Simone all smiles and ready for her turn.
Emma went first so she could show Simone how easy it was to get her hair cut.

First SNIPS. I was surprised at how my stomach dropped seeing her first hair cut! We were ready for her to not even want to get it done but she went for it. Such a big girl.

Wow I get to have the blow dryer too!

I can get use to all of this pampering. While the girls were getting their hair done their were a couple of girls in for Homecoming. It brought a lot of good memories back but I never got my hair done in a salon for dances.....I guess that's what happens when you live in a small town or don't have the money.
Sara went last and did great too.
Kissey faces.

Kim and Simone.

We went to get Simone's first hair cut back in the first week of October. Emma went first so that really helped her think about getting it done. She actually had a great time and even though it was hard to see her hair get cut for the first time I am so glad we did it because it looks so much healthier. Now when she fixes my hair she pretends to be Kim, the hair stylist.

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