Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Nutcracker

Simone getting ready for the Nutcracker with her Bear that has a matching outfit on just like her. This Snowman dress and matching Bear set was a gift from her Auntie Andrea, Uncle Jason and Cousins Carter and Sydney. She got a kick out of the fact that her bear has the same thing on as she did.

On 12/22/08 we went to the Nutcracker Ballet with Becca and Emma. I recommend you wait to take your child to the Nutcracker when they are much older!!! Simone did great the first half. When we went in for the first time we saw old neighbor friends of ours, Paul and Susan. Their seats were by ours so that was a NICE surprise!

Then the admission came. We got to the bathrooms first so that was a relief. The line for the food and water was way too long, we did not get to the front until it was time to go back in. As soon ask we got back in she was very fidgety. Then she started to kick Emma. Not good. She did this in the middle of an act. So I told her that if she continued we would have to leave. She did not so I told her that as soon as the act was over we were leaving. (I had to tell her this because I know her well enough that when we would leave she would throw a big stink and this was NOT the place for that. I think we were in the fourth row from the front, stage right and I did not want to mess up the dancers or cause a problem.) So as soon as the crowd starts to clap I pick her up and as much stuff as I could. Sure enough she starts a major fuss. Her shoe flies off but I just wanted out and could not find it so I left it thinking Becca would pick it up on the way out. On our way out she was so fired up that one of the workers came out after me to make sure I was ok...I told her yes and that I just learned a lesson.

As soon as we got outside I see around 15 or more families with little ones in the lobby. I see I am not the only one that did not last. The children out there where Simones age, younger and even older ones.

The lesson I learned, I do not recommend taking a 3 year old to the Nutcracker unless you have enough of money to only stay the first half. I think the tickets are too much for only staying half way!!!

Then on the car ride home their was an accident so we were stuck in traffic forever and that was not fun for anyone. I just could not get home fast enough. I am so glad we stopped for Quizno's before we got in the car to go home.

On a lighter note we all dressed up and it was fun to be together and great while it lasted.....

So Simone and I will be enjoying the Nutcracker together again in a few more years....Maybe when she is 8 or older.

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The Ullom Family -- said...

You are so right Michele... her time to enjoy that show will come! How exciting. I've always wanted to take my girls to that, it's just too $$$. :(