Monday, February 18, 2008

Things Simone Is Into

Some Things Simone Is Into Now:

  • Simone likes to get her hair done. She prefers to tell me one pony tail, two pig tails or her latest four pony tails. Some times braids. She also enjoys to pick out her hair pretties and head bands. Just like the above and below photo.
  • Simone has been working so hard for around a week now trying to learn how to whistle. She has accomplished her task. She CAN NOW whistling!!
  • Drawing hearts and stars.
  • Getting her heart to pump.
  • Going to Chinese Dance Class.
  • Watching Ni Hao Kia Lan, Wonder Pets and Dora. (Tinkerbell, not sure what this is about so I have to look into this one????)
  • Watching her favorite DVD, Dancing and Singing with Mae Mae.....A close second is Going to School with Mae Mae.
  • Riding her bike.
  • Likes to play, smile and sing.
  • Bite her nails.
  • Toliett Paper.
  • Testing the family rules to the limits.
  • Saying, "I don't like that question. How about this one?" (This is what she will say when we give her choices that she does not like.)
  • Holding hands with Mommy and Daddy.

When I asked Simone what she is into this is what she said:

  • " Do art work", "finger painting," "painting hearts".
  • "Holding babies" and finding "kids".
  • "Mommy and Da Da and Sister Sophie." (She is still waiting for God to tell us when we can go to China!)
  • "Shake Mommy's purple thing. And then take the upright standing stapler and "fix your eyes". (Since I was working on this by the computer she wanted the paper holder thing that is purple and upright standing stapler. She likes to pretend that she is helping my eyes.)

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