Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Uncle Rich's Welcoming Outfit

Simone got to stay home with my Mom on 1/22/08 which was good because she was starting to come down with a cold. As I was getting ready for work my Mom was getting Simone dressed. This is what she put together. Simone also told me that Grandma Prater told her she could pick out what she wanted to wear. I told Simone that I had to take a picture of her outfit and then she told me, "take a picture of my shoes." I laughed. She actually kept these on all the way to the train station, in the train station and then home.

I love these pant's that she has on. They look like capris now. I forgot to pull them out of her drawer. Simone told me that "they are soft inside" and that is why she "WANTS to have them on!" I love the socks and shirt that she picked out......Her orange pumpkin princess outifit is getting good use and she just had to put all of the jewerly on!

Welcome Uncle Richard!! We are so happy that you picked to come visit us on your VACATION!! We love you.
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