Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Year of the RAT

Happy Chinese New Year!

We had a great day today. Rick purchased fortune cookies for Simone to take to school today to share with her friends and she wore her Chinese outift. Rick, Simone and I went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese Restuarant. Our favorite waitress had the night off so Simone was a little shy to her and would not talk in Chinese to her or sing songs for her but she told us that she "loved her". We also watched the new cartoon called Nehow Kilan (spelling??). You can see Simones coloring pages for the new show behind her. I love how she colors her eyes......This year we also purchased a few Chinese decorations for Simones preschool and yesterday she sang the Happy Chinese New Year song infront of her afternoon classmates!! I have a feeling that the year of the RAT will be a GREAT year for our family!!!
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