Sunday, March 09, 2008

Emmas First Sleep Over

We feel very blessed to have Emma over for her very first sleep over away from her Mommy and Daddy! It was Emma's idea and like Becca says, "when she sets her mind on some thing she is GOING TO DO IT!"
The girls started out in Simone's room. They giggled, talked and jumped around. Then I joined them, then Emma reminded me, "Auntie, I can't sleep so well with so many people." AKA - Hint, hint Auntie can you go now. So I left but Simone wanted me so then we moved into our bed room.
Simone wanted on the bed and so did Emma. Emma wanted the small pink blow up sleeping bag so she put it at the foot of the there we slept or did not sleep, the four of us, for a few minutes and then I told Emma that it was not the best idea because that blow up sleeping bag might fall of and she could get hurt.....So I then moved the queen blow up mattress from Simone's room into ours.
Both girls sleeping on the floor at the foot of our bed. Not for long....I slightly dose off for a little while....I could hear them but I guess not good enough because they go into the computer room, get tape and stop by Simone's bathroom and pick up a few wash cloths. As they are back snuggled on the air mattress they then tape together a few wash cloths and blankets. Gotta love it!
Then Simone wanted me again. So Simone back in bed and Emma moves to the side of the bed next to me. Then Simone wants to be with Emma again and they finally fall asleep. Good times and memories. (2/9/08)
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The Watsons said...

I've been waiting for this one!!! Can you email these so I can put them on our blog, too? Thanks! Can't wait to see what you got today!

Anonymous said...

I finally found your fun. I can't believe how big Simone is. Wow time flies. It's also really fun to see Becca and Scott's kiddos as well as Rachel and Mikes. I feel so out of touch. I love all your pictures and reading about your family. Thinking of you.

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