Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Congrats Rick!!!

Today was a great day in our house because Rick received an email saying that he received a scholarship for the National Board Certification for Teaching!! We are so excited and proud of him!! He will start the program some time at the end of the summer I think?? He has a very long road in front of him and has to take a very ruff test at the end of it all but if any one can do it we know he can.

We also received updated medical and development information about Sophie today!!

My Dad also got me very good today since it was April Fools!! He called me around 8:30 pm. He said to me that he was "at the airport, he was in town for a few days to come visit us and he needed me to come and pick him up." I said, "OK but my house is a mess." He said some thing like who cares, come get me. I said, "no you are not because you are going to visit Jason (my brother) in Chicago on Friday." He said, "no I am in Portland for a couple of days before Chicago so come get me." I said, "is every thing OK?" He said, "yes." I said, "OK, where are you then?" He said, "outside of Southwest." I said, "OK, I will be right there!".

So I get off of the phone, Rick is listening the whole time. I tell Rick, "my Dad is in town and it would of been nice if he gave us some notice, the house is a mess." At the same time I am hurrying to the bathroom so I can get in my car and go get him. Then Rick says, "Michele he is not in town, it is April Fools Day!" I say, "Ah, he always gets me good!"

So I call my Dad back and congratulate him! He is the Master April Fools Joker!! That is one of the reasons why I love him so!!!

I love these photos of Simone. The were taken in February. Here she is kicking the door closed. Rick taught her how to do this and she loves it. She starts away from the door, takes one step closer and kicks it shut. She also loves to stand on her head or do fancy tricks up side down. Any thing to do with tumbling, she loves!

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