Friday, December 07, 2007

Fun at Tia's House

Nixon, Katelyn, Sydney and Simone.
These photos are from mid December 2007. We were having fun at my friend Tia's house. This was the real first time that Simone interacted and played with the "big girls" the whole time. They just hung out and played hide and seek. I can't believe how patient Simone was when they were looking for each other! She also adores these girls and rightfully so, they are sweet, smart, beautiful little girls. All former PE helpers (except Katelyn, she is still with me.) I took these with Tia and Lanny's new lens (same camera as we have)......This lens is a 70-300 zoom.....I want one so bad!! While the girls where on the couch I had to be smack against the wall almost in the other room....With the ones of Simone and Sydney on the stairs I had to stand out side....Too funny to remember this.

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