Sunday, May 18, 2008

Du Athlon

Yesterday Rick along with his good friends Scott and John participated in a Du Athlon at Washington State University. (Rick is on the right with bright yellow on, then Scott in red, then John in red.)

They ran 3.1 miles then biked 16.1 and then finished up with another 3.1 mile run. It was very hot....When we pulled out the the parking lot to go home the temperature was 89 degrees!!

John suprised Rick with a first place medal for his age division. Thanks for picking that up for him.....Way to go Rick!!!!

The race was very inspiring!!!! Knowing it was Rick and Scotts first Du Athlon and watching John for the first time.

I was wondering to my self about the other people participating in the race today.....Was it there first one? Why are they doing this? What road did they travel to get here? It was a great day.

The Girls looking for their Daddies.

Addison below.

John comes in from the 3.1 run and then Rick.

The "change".

Rick starts his 16.1 bike ride through the beautiful pacific north "hilly" west "O)

Simone fixing her shades.

Scott comes in from his 3.1 run.

And Scott is off!

Now that we have a little time to spare since Kimi graduated from WSU she shows us how to get to the Fountains. Simone called them the "Mountains". Brandon and I take the stairs. Emma, Sara and Simone take the more adventurous way.

This is the view on the way to the fountains on campus.

Simone and Emma take off sprinting with Sara not far behind.

Simone and Emma wait for Sara to catch up. So sweet.

Ah, we made it to the sprinklers!!

Simone does not like water on her face or in her ears. We think it is because of having ear tubs and ear problems when she was so little. I just love her little hands trying to protect her eyes.

Gotta love this Rainbow.

Simone Hope Xu

Simone not wanting me to take photos on the way back.

I love this photo of the girls running with Mt. Saint Helen's in the back drop!

Our sweet little girl!

John arrives back from the bike ride.

Simone runs and falls. She bangs up her knees. Here she is holding up her dress because it, "hurts so bad." Glad Becca put bandaids in the back pack.

Rick is back from the bike ride.

Pit stop time........the clock is ticking......

Waiting some more....

I had to put Simone down so I could take photos but because of her knees hurting still she wants her cousin Brandon to hold her.

Scott arrives from his bike ride.

Simone still "wanting Brandon to hold her."

Scott comes over to tell us the details about why some people got lost on the course.
Great job on your first one Scott!

John finishes the race at 1 hour and 47 minutes. Way to go John!

Rick comes in from his final leg.

Rick finishes his first Du Athlon in TWO hours! Way to go Rick!!

John and Rick talking about the race.

Scott and Rick laughing about some thing. The girls eating snacks from Scott and cooling off in the truck.

Cooling off by the fountains after the race.

Emma Kay

Simone with her Daddy.

Sara Anne

After the fountains we went home so Rick could shower. Then Brandon, Rick, Simone and I went to Dim Sum. It was Brandon's first time. Then we came home and all took a long nap. I slept for two hours and Simone slept for 2.5. Not sure how long Brandon and Rick slept for. We all needed that. Then we hung out in the back yard and had dinner. We had such a nice time.
Today was one of those days to remember. Every thing about it. As you can see I could not do with out any photos on this blog entry because I want to remember all of it. It was one of the best days every.

What a blessing today was! Every moment.

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The Watsons said...

Love it! Love Simone's dress, the views, the pics of the guys racing, love all of it! Great job Michele! Thanks for documenting the day that I had to miss!