Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ulloms Party

Our view from the front seat on our way to Hang with the Ulloms and Sam/Debbie!

There is nothing better than going some where together as a family. (Note to self, since Simone is now able to get into her car seat her self I need to check it and make sure the belt is where it should be!) I love this photo for so many reasons and the main one is it reminds me of God's Will! Our lives are so blessed.
Our family!
Who knew that sippy cups could be so much fun!
Our little comedian!
Daddy, I want up too.

We also got to visit with our long time friends Brian, Crystal LaFave along with their children Brittany and Connor. Rick and I also grew up with Brian. I think he moved to our home town around sixth grade from Alaska. I will never forget the day his family all walked into the Catholic Church that we attended. Three boys and one little sister......... I think it had been around a year since we have last seen them so it was so good to catch up.
Mackenzie was having fun playing with the girls. Sophie Wei and Simone enjoyed playing with her. She is such a smart, pretty little girl.

Our good friend Ullom. AKA David, Dave, Uhm!!

Rick and I grew up with him and have known him since .......Maybe sixth grade?? Correct me if I am wrong Ullom :O) I remember when we both ran for ASB Office. We both ran against each other in the seventh grade so we could be trained and then continued with the position for eighth grade to be the student body treasurer. I guess there was a tie, they could not decide between us and we both had to SHARE the position. It was so painful!!! Just kidding, fun to go down memory lane!! Anyways, he is a great, unconditional friend and we are so lucky to have him in our life.

Ullom is married to a sweet girl named Jessica and they have five great kids. It has been so great to know Jessica and she is fun to hang out with and is very talented, creative and organized Mom. Check out Jessica's blog that she keeps for the family. Great links, yummy recipe ideas and she great reading ideas.

Yes, he is the joker groomsman that brought out the hand cuffs at our wedding!!!!
Can you see me doing this??
Our girls.
We had a great time at Sam and Debbies house, Jessica's Dad and Dad's girlfriend. They hosted the BBQ.

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