Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raspberry Picking

Rachel had a great idea to go Raspberry Picking today! It was actually very cool this morning but the sun came out just as we got ready to go home and therefore warmed up.

Below are a couple of my favorites of the girls from today! Sophie Wei was starting to wind down and get ready for her nap so she started to suck on her fingers and rub her side. Simone was my little model today letting me take many photos of her and even enjoyed making "poses".

Sophie Wei ABSOLUTELY DID NOT want to be put down. Rick was meeting with his friend Aaron this morning so he could catch him up with his National Board home work so he arrived a little bit after us. At one point my arm was hurting so bad that when I tried to put her down she crunched her knees up all the way to her chest. I still tried to set her down on her feet, when I did she fell over and our bucket of raspberry's tipped over!! AH, URGH!!! Lauren tried to help me salvage some and I took a deep breath, there just berry!

Did I say before that I LOVE where we live. It was so beautiful here and it was only about 21 minutes away from our house!!!
Strike a pose!
I love this photo of Simone and Jake even though it is blurry!
Simone asked me, "How many berry's do you have Mom?"

I showed her and then she replied, "that's O.K. Mom, I have more."
Laren and Simone showing us how many berry's they have.
Rachel's friend Teasha and her two children, neat family.
My sweet little girl. She likes it when I put my check next to hers. Although she prefers not to snuggle I try to sneak some S.T. (Snuggle Time) in when I can.
Daddy Time!
I love the way Sophie Wei looks at her Daddy.
He is so good with the girls and loves them unconditionally.
My sweet, loyal, dear friend Rachel. I am so lucky to have her in my life!
I am so blessed.
Congrats on selling your house!!

Simone is becoming such a big helper.

Simone told us she can do it, carry the bucket and the helmet!
With Sophie Wei ready to go home I quickly asked Simone to run out into this field so I could snap these two photos.

Our four pounds of raspberry's were only $5.80! Great deal.


kimi said...

looks like so much fun! beautiful pics too!

Barrington said...

Those are amazing shots! Could go in a magazine!! You all DO live in such a lovely area!

Congratulations on the citizenship!!

Anonymous said...

Oops! barrington must have been using my computer! It's me Sharon!!!

Sharon said...

one more try! haha Sorry!

Laura said...

Your girls are just to adorable. I love the way Sohpie Wei sucks on those 2 fingers... Avery did that too when she was younger.