Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cabin Day One

Our friends Janet and Don let us borrow their cabin up by Mt. St. Helen's. It is beautiful up there and we really were not ruffing in. The cabin was very nice, had gas so we were able to use the stove and gas lanterns. We feel blessed to use their cabin as it was just what we needed.

Here is the view of the dock, beach area where there was also a fire pit and a dog only swim area!
As soon as we arrived we walked down to the beach so we could relax and enjoy the view.

Simone picking up Sophie Wei, one of her favorite things to do, not so much for Sophie Wei today.

Janet told us that even though the walk from their cabin to the lake was only a couple of "blocks" they use to put their kids on the quad and ride down there. We tried it and they loved it. It was cool that we had this to ride down there. Many people had golf carts around the area and a few had quads. The quad also came in handy because we loaded up our beach stuff on the front.
On our way down to the beach.

Simone snuggling with Cousin Brandon.

We started a small fire and roasted marshmallows, yummy!

How do you like your marshmallows??
Sophie Wei likes to eat a bite out of one marshmallow,
put it back into the back and grab a new one.
Simone likes hers toasted golden brown.

Brandon likes his golden brown too.
I love these photos of the kids just sitting by the lake eating their marshmallows and view of Mt. St. Helens.

The girls love their big cousin Brandon!
Riding back to the cabin.

Simone's turn.

The cabin had lanterns that were fulled by gas. My type of camping :O)

Sophie Wei has only had her brace for a few days so sleeping at night has still been ruff.

It was nice to not be able to use cell phones (they did not work around the area that we were staying) and have no television!

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