Saturday, August 02, 2008

Clark County Fair

Every year it is a tradition for us to go to the local county fair. The Ullom's always hook us up with parking, ice cream and tickets "O)

The Ullom's at their stand. Great signs made by Rick.
Simone picked Sherbet, Brandon Chocolate and Sophie Wei had Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream.

The cow above actually belonged to my friend Becky who is our school secretary so it was fun to visit with her. I did not know that until after I took the photo of the cow. Below we sat down for a bit to watch the dock dogs! It was fun to watch and made us laugh more than once.

Hum, not so sure about these rides!

The girls did not want to ride on a horse so I sat with them for a couple of rides even though it was making me sick, the things you do for those you love :O)

Then after a few rides Simone decides that she will ride ON a horse! Sophie Wei did too.....only for a few seconds.
Then Sophie Wei wanted OFF!

Then Simone by her self.

Sophie Wei is like her sister....not so sure about all the fuss over the rides??!!??

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